Step2 Best Chef’s Kitchen Set, Blue/Black/Brown Review

Step2 Best Chef's Kitchen Set, Blue/Black/Brown Review

Children learn by observing and mimicking their parents’ actions and behaviors first, mainly because these are the adults they are most in contact with during their early years. By doing so, children also learn about what’s acceptable and unacceptable, what’s safe and unsafe, and what to do and not to do, which are important in their normal development.

For younger children, the best way of learning new skills is through make-believe play, especially one where engaging toys are used.

This is the case for the Step2 Best Chef’s Kitchen Set, a wooden play kitchen that parents and children love to play with.  The Step2 brand itself is part of the appeal, too, as it’s a brand that parents have come to trust for its reliability, quality, and affordability in its product lines.

We highly recommend it as well among the play kitchens that give good value for the money, thanks to its good quality and good price.

Features of the Step2 Best Chef’s Kitchen Set, Blue/Black/Brown

The Step2 play kitchen has an attractive design that almost immediately catches the attention of children because of its vibrant colors, from the play kitchen unit itself to its cooking utensils accessories.

Made of wood

While plastic play kitchens have their merits, many parents still choose to go the traditional wood route for good reasons. Wood, especially the strong and sturdy kind like hardwood, lasts for longer periods than plastic so durability doesn’t become an issue with it.

Plus, wood itself can be re-painted or re-varnished when its colors begin to fade, as well as repurposed for other uses.

The Step2 play kitchen seems to be made of strong and sturdy wood so it will withstand several years of use, even become a hand-me-down children’s furniture in families with a succession of kids.

The quality of the overall construction adds to its durability, especially when it’s properly assembled with every screw tightly in place.

When the paint starts to peel after a few years, it’s a simple matter of re-painting it with a similar color or another color just to give it a new lease on life. Even the inevitable dents on the wood can be covered up.

The entire unit itself truly looks like a modern kitchen albeit in miniature. Your children and their playmates will love playing with it because it’s in their size, so to speak.

You may want to bolt it in either to the wall of floor to ensure its stability although you can also just install it as is for portability; just be sure to place it in a level area and instruct the kids not to climb or clamber on it.

Comes with 25 accessories

Kids can immediately play with the make-believe kitchen while waiting for its assembly to be finished because of the accessories that come with it. There are 25 pieces including pots and pans that comes with the play kitchen, said accessories of which are appropriately sized for the stove burner, fridge and oven.

This is a must for a more realistic look and feel while the kids are making their make-believe snacks and meals.

If in case your kids want more cooking accessories, then you can buy more from the Step2 collection. All of these cooking accessories are compatible with the Best Chef’s kitchen play set so your kids will still enjoy the near-realism they want from their kitchen toys.

Functional doors, knobs and dials

And speaking of realistic look and feel, the designers of the Best Chef’s kitchen paid attention to the smaller details that will deliver on such an experience.  The knobs on the stove top and oven click when turned sideways for a more realistic experience, aside from the fun lights that these emit.

The lights will be activated when two AA-sized batteries are placed in the slots; the batteries aren’t included in the package.

The appliances including the oven and fridge have doors that can be opened and closed for more realistic play, too. Their compartments can also be used for storage of make-believe food items and cooking utensils.

There are also other storage options, such as the hooks for hanging utensils and the recycle bin, while the counter provides sufficient space for make-believe food preparation.

Compact design

Parents are understandably concerned about the space that a play kitchen will take up in the living room or play room, whichever room it may be placed.  This can even be used in townhouses, apartments and condos where space can be an issue.


  • Space-saving design
  • Easy assembly
  • Comes with 25 cooking accessories with the option of adding more
  • Allows children to engage in social play and develop their physical and mental skills
  • Attractive modern design


  • A few parents complain about some of the knobs being difficult to turn for small hands
  • Room for improvement in the electronic features aspect


Let your kids enjoy hours of make-believe cooking and baking with the Step2 Best Chef’s Kitchen Set! You will love the modern design while your kids will just love that it’s a toy set that comes with everything they need for their play meals and snacks.

Soon enough, your kids will develop better social and mental skills as they continue to play with the kitchen set.

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