Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen Review

Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen Review

The Little Tikes brand has established an enviable reputation for being among the most reliable when it comes to the overall quality of its products. Most of its products are characterized by their durable materials and construction, practical features, and beautiful designs, all of which are the kind of attributes that parents want in their children’s products.

The high expectations set for the Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen then don’t come as a surprise, consider that the brand’s reputation precedes itself. But does the kitchen play set deliver on these high expectations? In our opinion, yes it does – but you should also see for yourself, since your children’s needs and wants in a play kitchen will likely be unique.

Features of the Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen

This is one of the few plastic play kitchens included in numerous lists of best play kitchens – most are made of wood, a durable material that gives a more realistic look and feel. But parents don’t have to worry about the overall quality of this Little Tikes kitchen play set because of its strong and sturdy quality, among other desirable characteristics.

Modern design

The thick plastic has a strong and sturdy feel to it, especially when one considers the 26.6-pound weight of the unit. Even knocking on the plastic surface gives off a relatively solid sound that assures parents that, indeed, the molded plastic is as durable as can be expected.

This is an important quality since children will likely play with the make-believe kitchen for a few years to come.

This also has a modern design that evokes a real-life kitchen in an apartment or a condo – compact in size yet with most of the modern conveniences from the faucet to the appliances.

The white, blue and gray color scheme also makes it suitable for both boys and girls so they can play together, as well as encourage both boys and girls to become proficient in the kitchen. Parents also appreciate the gender-neutral colors because it can be handed down among siblings.

Most of the 26.6-pound weight is on its base so children can’t easily topple or tip it over. This is an important safety design although parents should also instruct their kids about the dangers of climbing up on the play kitchen, among other potentially dangerous behaviors.

Once assembled, it covers a substantial 38.50”L x 13.50”W x 46.25”H so a few children can play with it at once.

The assembly process can range from 30 to 60 minutes depending on your DIY level.  A few basic tools including a screwdriver will be needed.

30 fun accessories are included

The play kitchen already includes 30 accessories so kids can play with it as soon as it’s assembled. Better yet, kids can play with the kitchen accessories even before assembly has been completed!

These accessories include 2 pieces each of plates, cups, mugs, forks, spoons, knives, chopping knives, baskets as well as tongs, spatula, frying pan, tongs, griddle, cell phone, and salt-and-pepper shakers.

The food items only include a hamburger and hot dog, which most parents say is woefully lacking.  But since more play food items can be purchased separately, this is a minor issue.

Modern built-in play appliances

There are several play appliances that will definitely hold the children’s attention for hours on end as well as teach them the basics of their operation. These include a stove top with two burners on top and an oven below; a fridge with a pretend water/ice dispenser located below the sink; a microwave oven above the sink; and even a cappuccino maker beside the microwave oven.

Most of these play appliances have interactive features that add to the excitement of playing with the play kitchen. The doors on the oven, fridge and microwave oven can be closed and opened while the knobs on the oven make clicking sounds.

The stovetop and sink also make electronic cooking sounds, which requires two AA-sized alkaline batteries (i.e., bought separately).

Plenty of storage and shelves

This is a play kitchen with plenty of storage spaces, thus, giving the illusion of a real kitchen. The oven, fridge and microwave oven can be used for storing the accessories, as is the case for the cabinets.

The two baskets can be placed on an upper shelf or placed somewhere else so the shelf can be used for other purposes. There are also two pegs above the stove top for hanging cooking utensils.

Pass-through play window

Kids love playing like professional chefs passing their culinary masterpieces to waiters. Let them play out their aspirations by pointing them to the pass-through window where the aspiring chef takes orders and passes the food to the server on the other side.


  • Modern design with gender-friendly design
  • Offers plenty of storage
  • With modern accessories and appliances
  • Comes with electronic cooking sounds
  • With doors that can be opened and closed


  • Too few food accessories
  • Doors can sometimes spring open


The Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen is among the sturdiest plastic play kitchens in the market today, so siblings can pass them from the oldest to the youngest.

This comes with several interactive features that will hold the children’s attention while also promoting their physical, mental and social development – and they will not even know it because they’re so busy enjoying themselves.

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