KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds Review

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds Review

KidKraft remains true to its brand with its Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen, a small masterpiece that kids will definitely enjoy for hours on end for several years. The wood kitchen playset has a contemporary look that closely mimics the real-life kitchen of an apartment in the city, from the L-shaped layout to the refrigerator, laundry machine and oven with stovetop.

Parents will consider it a worthwhile investment for their children’s proper physical, mental and emotional development, thanks to the opportunity for creative and cooperative play provided by the kitchen playset.

Children will not obviously think about these benefits to their development but instead focus on the opportunity to play alone or with their friends, especially in learning about kitchen tasks.

Features of the KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds

The Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen is just as its name implies although the “ultimate” term may be an overstatement.

The play kitchen has an L-shaped configuration so it can be placed against the corner of a room, thus, saving valuable space in a bedroom or playroom. But it can also be placed in the middle of a room, if it’s the best place to showcase its beauty.

Made of composite wood

The composite wood material used on the playset should withstand years of use with proper care – by the adults, of course.

But it’s fairly strong and sturdy so there’s no question that children will enjoy hours of play with it, even when they use water for their make-believe cooking. Be sure to teach kids about cleaning up so that liquids can be wiped off the surface as soon as possible.

The brown-and-gray color combo of the wood also makes it easy to mask the stains, an inevitability considering kids’ general rowdiness when playing.

But it’s also a great combo since the play kitchen has a more modern look so it mimics the contemporary look of your own life-sized kitchen.  Even the speckled granite-style countertop adds to the grown-up feel of the play kitchen.

This is packed and shipped relatively flat so assembly is required. But with the detailed instructions, it should be an easier job than expected.

Many buyers say, nonetheless, that it takes about three hours for a complete assembly with a few tools, like a screwdriver.

Wide range of interactive features

Modern play kitchens have interactive features that engage their young users, as well as stimulate their imagination about using actual kitchen appliances.

These play appliances obviously don’t present hazards to children unless they have a mind to remove them from the unit and use them for other non-play purposes, perhaps swallowing the small parts. These don’t have actual fire and plugged electricity so parents can have peace of mind about their kids’ safety while at play.

The interactive features mimic those on real-life furniture as closely as possible. Batteries will be required for the lights and sounds to function, too, so be sure to keep a stack on hand.

  • The sink has a faucet with taps that can be turned.
  • The doors on the refrigerator, freezer, oven and microwave oven, and washing machine can be opened and closed.
  • The stovetop burners and the ice makers on the refrigerator emit sounds when “turned on” although the sounds are the same for both appliances. This can be strange for adults but kids apparently like it.
  • The stovetop burner lights up, when its knob is “turned on”, too. There’s no actual fire so safety is assured while your little chefs go about creating their play food masterpieces.
  • The microwave oven on top of the sink has a realistic interface, too, which makes it perfect for imaginative play.

These interactive features aren’t the only ones either. Kids love the peek-a-boo windows above the laundry machine since these can be used for more creative play.

For example, children love pretending that they’re a small café that serves food to their customers and the peek-a-boo window becomes their chef’s window.

Plenty of storage spaces

Kids can quickly accumulate play kitchen tools from pots and pans to forks and spoons, as well as a wide range of food items. Parents can have an issue in their hands because these toys can get underfoot, literally and figuratively, even cause minor pain when stepped on forcefully, albeit accidentally (i.e., think Lego blocks).

This KidKraft play kitchen provides more storage space for more kitchen toys. The surfaces can be used to display many toys while the oven, refrigerator, and washer as well as the storage shelves underneath the sink can be used in storing more toys.

Large space

This is large enough so that 2-3 kids can play at once.  Push it into a corner to save even more space.


  • Looks and feels realistic
  • Attractive design
  • Corner layout for space-saving purposes
  • Plenty of interactive features
  • Strong and sturdy when assembled properly


  • Assembly can take hours


The KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen has a sleek and stylish design that will stand several years of use, style-wise. The strong and sturdy wooden material and construction may allow it to become a family heirloom, too, while its interactive features allow kids to be kids.

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