Giantex Wood Kitchen Toy Kids Cooking Pretend Play Set in Red Review

Giantex Wood Kitchen Toy Kids Cooking Pretend Play Set in Red Review

Play kitchen sets aren’t just expensive toys for children as young as three years old.  Indeed, these are considered as among the best investments for children’s optimum physical and mental development because it offers plenty of opportunities for imaginative play.

Parents should know that imaginative play may be truly enjoyable for children but it’s also crucial for the development of a wide range of life skills, such as gross motor skills, good communication and socialization skills, and good decision-making skills.

Among the choices in play kitchens in the market today, the Giantex Wood Kitchen Toy in Red stands out from the competition for many reasons. The vibrant red color immediately attracts attention but it is its quality features that sustain the interest of the children, even the parents who get so much happiness from watching their little ones having a good time with it.

Features of the Giantex Wood Kitchen Toy Kids Cooking Pretend Play Set Red

The Giantex play kitchen evokes the compact kitchen of a condo unit with most of the cooking appliances in a single area.  Keep in mind that it’s a basic play kitchen so there will be a lesser number of appliances than, say, in the Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen.

But since younger kids are less likely to be finicky about the absence or presence of certain features, this is a relatively minor issue.

When you come to think about it, too, the play kitchen’s comparative simplicity has its merits. For one thing, kids will be more likely to use their imagination in filling in the gaps, such as pretending that the cabinet under the sink is a refrigerator, a freezer, or a dishwasher.

For another thing, children will not be overwhelmed by the sheer number of features so they can play more with the make-believe kitchen.

Suffice it to say that simplicity shouldn’t be dismissed too easily in children’s toys because it has its place under the sun!  With that being said, here are the most notable features that we observed in this Giantex play kitchen set.

Durable wood material and construction

Many parents prefer wooden play kitchens because of their greater durability than plastic play kitchens – well, at least, this can be said of the quality wooden ones. Wood can last for several years with proper care, which usually includes cleaning up spills ASAP and repainting the surface, when needed.

No wonder then that the Giantex kitchen set is popular among parents because of its durable wood materials, particularly MDF and plywood. These may not be hardwoods, such as oak and mahogany, but these are among the standard materials used for high-quality children’s wooden toys manufactured in contemporary times.

The wood materials are strong, sturdy and solid without being too heavy to move from the living room to the bedroom, for example, yet still heavy enough not to be tipped so easily by toddlers.

We suggest anchoring the play kitchen in place once it’s assembled. While normal toddler use will not topple it in any direction, you may not want to take a chance either, especially with older kids who may want to climb up on it.

Real-life look and feel

Wood also lends a more realistic look and feel to play kitchens, unlike with the plastic ones that evoke an obviously plastic look. This is also true for the Giantex kitchen set, which looks like a miniature kitchen from afar.

The vibrant red color for the doors of the oven, microwave oven, and cabinet as well as the shelves and side immediately grab attention, too, even from a distance.

The doors on the oven, microwave oven, and cabinet can be easily closed and opened by little hands, thanks to the long handles that mimic those on the real appliances. The handles are painted in cream so these stand out from the red doors, too.

The windows on the oven and microwave oven are transparent so kids can easily see what they are cooking inside.

The knobs for the stovetop burners and the microwave oven can also be twisted, just as with the real thing, and make clicking sounds, too. This makes their operation more realistic although these don’t produce heat obviously even when “turned on”, a safety feature in all play kitchens.

The miniature sink can also be removed so that it can be cleaned with water from time to time. The knob on the faucet doesn’t turn because it’s just a piece of wood block.


  • Relatively easy to assemble for an adult who can follow instructions
  • Strong and sturdy when properly assembled
  • Attractive red and beige color combo
  • Doors open and close while knobs turn and click


  • Few accessories including cooking utensils and food items
  • Basic play kitchen with few appliances


The Giantex play kitchen may be a basic one but it’s a great product, nonetheless, for many reasons. Parents will like it because it’s a reasonably-priced product that provides children with plenty of opportunities for imitative and imaginary play, either on their own or with adults.

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